Introduction of the European project liveARCH (INTERREG 4C) at the 8th EXARC Meeting, Biskupin (PL)

The INTERREG workgroup, with as principal advisor Geir Sør Reime (NO) and members from Foteviken (SE), Lejre (DK) and HOME (NL) presented the plans and the 1st draft at the EXARC meeting in Biskupin in Autumn 2004. All EXARC members present as well as some absentees agreed with the chosen road.

Between the members who agreed are the Pfahlbautenmuseum (DE), the Archaeological Museum at Biskupin (PL), the State Cultural Reserve of Kernave (LT) and the Middelaldercentret (DK). Until we will send our proposal to Lille in April 2005, we would like to call on our members and afiliates to inform themselves and cooperate with us in getting a plan which will bring the whole of EXARC further. New members to EXARC as well as participants in liveARCH are welcome, provided you agree with the statutes of the association and the plans of liveARCH.

The meetings of the following three years will be under the flag of liveARCH, presenting the work done within the differnet components. We foresee staff exchanges as well as hightening the quality of the EXARC members on management, on content, on both their physical as well as human envornment. The latter includes besides staff which interacts with the public as well the living history groups accross Europe which play an important role in bringing our museums to life.

These are just a few glimpses of the ideas we have. If you are interested, please join us and send a mail to the EXARC secretary.