Iron Age reconstructed temple set on fire in the Czech Republic

EXARC member Keltoi is devastated after one of their houses, a reconstructed Iron Age temple, at Prasily caught fire on 30 December 2016. Keltoi has an extensive series of photos of the fire at their website.
High flames were visible from afar and 11 firefighter units were dispatched to the park. According to initial estimates, the damage is about 18,000 EUR. The fire department does not rule out that somebody set fire to the building on purpose. The Celtic replica measured 10 x 10 metres had a thatched roof and burned down entirely. Nobody was injured. It took over 70 minutes before the fire fighters were in control of the fire. The Celtic village Archeopark Prášily was started 11 years ago, in 2005 and has several buildings, including a gateway to the fortification, a mansion, pagan sanctuaries and shelters for ceramics and fabric production. In 2008 too there was a fire, causing the destruction of a timber cabin, costing 7,500 EUR.