Join the movement!

For over two years, the organisation “Hands on! International Association of Children in Museums” have been working on a project – fully funded by the European Union’s Creative Europe programme – together with their members and project partners, to create a label “to highlight the unique quality of museums and similar organisations as pioneers of 21st century education for children.”

The result of this work is the “Home of the 21st century children” label. The label is aimed at organisations who help to supply “children to actively co-create a more sustainable society by offering individual education based on a combination of high-quality interpretation and joyful and interactive engagement with tangible and intangible heritage.”

The organisations that receive the “Home of the 21st century children” certificate are “innovative learning centres with children from all social and cultural backgrounds at the centre of their work.”

With this project “Hands on!” wants to provide the opportunity for museums and similar organisations to join their shared vision and create a label of quality when it comes to museum work with children.

More information about the project and how to apply for a certificate can be found on their website: