Looking back at Paleofestival and EXARC's Annual General Meeting

EXARC’s annual meeting was in Italy this year, at the 13th Paleofestival in La Spezia. We had about 25 EXARC members present, in a field with 50 demonstrators on both days. It was a sunny weekend with plenty of visitors and enough time to chat too. EXARC wants to thank everybody who was present, but especially the organisers, Donatella Alessi & Edoardo Ratti.

There were 71 actors and 47 different events in the two days. Also, there was a lecture program with 11 presentations, 50/50 in Italian and English. Both days together, we saw over 1,500 visitors. 

At the Annual General Meeting in La Spezia, a few changes were made to the EXARC Board. We said good-bye to Javier Baena from Madrid, who served as EXARC Secretary. Pascale Barnes was re-elected for a period of three years, and so was Milica Tapavički-Ilić. Linda Hurcombe from the University of Exeter has also joined the Board.


2018 May - EXARC at Paleofestival, Italy

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Co-organised by: Museo Archeologico Castello San Giorgio (IT)

Paleofestival is a weekend of meeting and working with archaeology & the public. EXARC takes part – not just as visitors, but also with workshops and papers. With about 40 different activities, it attracts about 1,500 visitors. The festival shows both prehistory and history and is not limited to Europe... Read more


Conference Review: Paleofestival, La Spezia, 2018

| K. Badowska, W. Rutkowski and M. Bartczak (PL) | Issue 2018/4

The Paleofestival took place on 26-27th of May 2018 in the Castle of San Giorgio in La Spezia (Italy), which today serves as a Museum of Archaeology. Reconstructors from different parts of the world introduced visitors to issues related to everyday life in ancient times. There were attractions for ... Read more