More Volunteers with EXARC

EXARC is expanding. We are building a Social Media Team with volunteer members. Thanks to them, we are now present on Instagram. We have already over 25,000 people following EXARC! If you are an EXARC member and wish to help, we would be very happy if you contact us at  

We are also looking for more volunteers for our website, for example mapping all universities worldwide working with experimental archaeology. This, and other activities, can be done from anywhere in the world. Let us know if you like to help. 

Students would also be very welcome. For them, we have a number of possible projects, which usually fit into the curriculum. Late June, we visited Saxion, University of applied Sciences (, to discuss cooperation. They have over 100 students starting with archaeology every year, and also have classes in heritage management, creative technology, tourism, you name it. We will be very happy to have some of their students working with us. Are you at another university and interested to help? Would you like to discuss topics with us? Contact us via

EXARC is also investigating the options of participating in the European Solidarity Corps as we believe that volunteering for EXARC is about solidarity with both colleagues and European public. We had a meeting with a senior program advisor at the National Dutch Agency Erasmus+ Youth and will follow up on that. 

Think Global act Local is important to us too. So we sat down together with the local Volunteer Agency here in Leiden (NL), called They can help us in so many ways, for example “maatschappelijke diensttijd” which is a period of time where young Dutch people can volunteer for a good cause. Also, there are many people in our region who do not speak Dutch very well, but are very happy to support organisations like EXARC. Finally, I-Doe can train our current staff in how to work with volunteers.