The museums are active, and so is the EXARC network

As part of the EXARC archive, we collect brochures from our open-air museum and higher education centre members. At the end of last year, we asked for the flyers and programme from the last and the upcoming season, and we were not disappointed!

After the last two hard years for cultural institutions, and (open-air) museums in specific, we are deligthed to see how many of our members have exiciting plans for the 2022 season.

Things to look forward to are - among many other exiciting events:

The Middlealdercentret (DK) invites you to visit a medieval town in the year 1412 to experience "the world's largest trebuchet." The preHistorisch Dorp (NL) opens its doors for visitors on 26 March and offers history for everyone: from the Stone Age via the Romans to the Late Middle Ages.

The archaeology park Roman Villa Borg (DE) lets you walk into the footsteps of a Roman villa owner with the villa's baths, tavern, farm buildings, gatehouse and kitchen faithfully recreated to their former glory. And if you want to meet the Vikings and see a 83m longhouse - based on "Europe's largest Viking longhouse at Borg in Lofoten" - we recommend a visit to the Loftor Vikingmuseum (NO).

Even though we're not completely back to normal, especially considering current events in the world, we're still looking forward to all your events, experiments, and plans.

We want to wish all of our members a great start into the new season.