New EXARC Journal 2019-2 published

The second EXARC Journal of this year is as thick as the first one. The 12 reviewed articles cover subjects like ancient beer, firing pottery with camel dung, antler working and bead making, or reconstructing ornamentation on Russian pottery.

A hot issue is skills shortage in experimental archaeology, and... what do we actually mean by experimental archaeology? Can we take archaeological concepts outside class? We go from Jordan to Canada, from India to Poland, going underground in Ireland or making Iron Age jewelry in Italy. Finally, we also discuss the use of volunteers in Living History. Several articles are from EXARC meeting in Kernave in September 2018.

Then we also have 11 unreviewed short articles, mainly reviews of events, books and interviews with people we find interesting. Here you will find some articles on CRAFTER, our EU project.
It’s a whole lot!