New PR material for EXARC

Early autumn, EXARC changed some things. Although our website itself was made only in May 2011, only 4 months later it was decided to adapt the pages to the new corporate identity. The design was changed as well as the structure. Now the site is divided between EXARC, Members, EXARC Journal and Projects.

Already back in 2004 all members received a shield to place near their entrance by means of which they could show they were member of EXARC. In the meantime, EXARC got many more members and the old shields were depleted by long. That is why a new shield was produced.

Also, in order to better promote EXARC at different conferences and workshops it was decided to having two roll-up banners made (see image next). These offer more information about EXARC at for example information stands or on stage. On the first banner we used some pictures portraying the museums of several of the members, completed with the logo of EXARC and mentioning the website. The second banner explains three most important parts of EXARC: the Members, the EXARC Journal and the Cooperation Projects EXARC coordinates for its members.

We also now have business cards and a printed stationary. The final printed work for September is a new EXARC flyer (see PDF attached). The idea was to use this together with the free distribution of old copies of our Journal in the conference season. This way EXARC could better promote itself. The design of the flyer is similar to the roll-up banners; one face shows a number of pictures with the museums of several of our members, finished with the EXARC logo and website; on the back face we added three texts with our basic activities.

In the nearest future we also plan to design new Member cards, a Digital Newsletter, a printed copy of EXARC JOURNAL Digest and website banners.