Nuwa Digital Media travelled to the Middelaldercentret

As part of the RETOLD project’s survey of the state of digitalisation and documentation in European open-air museums, our partners representing Nuwa Digital Media travelled to the Middelaldercentret (DK) for a week of field work and photogrammetry this past August.

Since the museum is packed with craft demonstrations by staff and guest volunteers, we took the opportunity to try out possible formats for documenting craft activities.

Inspired by Dr Julia Heeb’s documentation form for recording reconstructed houses and installations, we designed a video script to prototype a standard format for documenting crafts and activities. Archaeologist and educator Sally Pointer then volunteered to try it out on camera with us. We were careful not to over-produce the film, but to make sure that we have a usable common structure for this type of documentation.

Sally Pointer

In the video, there are instructions for videographers, such as what to show in the shot, and what questions to ask the craftsperson. We would be interested in gathering feedback about the script - did we ask all necessary questions? Do you understand what needs to be shown on camera? Do you think you or your co-workers could replicate a film like this?

You can see the result in the link below, and request a copy of the script by emailing