Open-Air Museums in Times of COVID-19, a Call to Arms

EXARC published their take on how museums should adapt to the new reality, caused by COVID-19.

Paardekooper & Pothaar describe the challenging times for museums and their visitors in an article for the EXARC Journal followed by a call for a change of paradigm. 

The situation will not return to 'normal' and we will have to think again about everything we were used to in our work. How should you change your program, manage expectations? Will visits change character, become more mindful, and what about going digital? 

This article is an EXARC 'call to arms' to reevaluate and develop your Open-Air Museum's interpretation strategy: the ones who can change and answer to what is required will survive and thrive. Standing still is no option. 

Read the full article here: