OpenArch - Second Try

In early Summer, we have taken up working on the application again. We have one new partner in the project, Amgueddfa Cymru – National Museum Wales (WLS), taking the place of our Latvian partner, and we have also taken some extra consultants on board. The application is being scrutinized by the partners, consultants, the EXARC Board and the project leaders. For this purpose, we have had two different business meetings in Catalonia and one in Germany. The local authorities in Calafell are very supportive and we are confident our application in 2010 will be much better than the one in 2009.

This time we pay more attention to defining practical outcomes and a better division of tasks between the museums, fitting the individual characteristics of each. The deadline for filing the application is 1 October 2010, results are expected again in February, March 2011.