Podcast: Neolithic House & Home

It's the first Friday of the month! And that means it's time to listen in to the latest episode of Finally Friday, which this month focusses on reconstructing houses and daily life in the Late Neolithic

We are joined by two archaeologists from the Putting Life into Late Neolithic Houses project discussing all the methods they’re using to create a picture of the past, from full scale reconstruction to microwear analysis.

Annelou van Gijn is Professor of Archaeological Material Culture and Artefact Studies at Leiden University and the Principal Investigator for Putting Life into Late Neolithic Houses. Annelou’s research focusses on prehistoric technology, ancient craft, and materials studies like microwear analysis. She founded and runs the Laboratory for Material Culture Studies at Leiden University She also has extensive experience with reconstructing the past, and previously helped to design and construct a Neolithic house at Hosterworld.

Diederik Pomstra has over 20 years of experience in experimental archaeology, ancient technology, and public outreach. His skills in experimental reconstruction, such as flintknapping and bone working, are invaluable to the Putting Life into Late Neolithic Houses project, for which he will be making many of the tools. Like Annelou, Diederik was also a big part of the Hosterworld house reconstruction.

Tune in from Friday 6th May 2022 on our YouTube and Buzzsprout channels to listen to a fascinating discussion covering all things farming!