Podcast: The Past in Data

It’s the first Friday of the month! And that means it’s time to listen in to the latest episode of Finally Friday, where this month we’re joined by two partners in the RETOLD Project to talk about the importance of digitisation, documentation and sharing.

Julia Heeb is one of the key figures in the RETOLD Project and also works as the exhibition and research manager at the Open-Air Museum, Museumdorf Düppel, in Germany, a partner institution on the project. In addition to her work as part of the RETOLD Project, Julia also has a PhD and MA in Experimental Archaeology, focussing on experimental approaches to shafthole copper axes from south-eastern Europe.

Cordula Hansen is an experienced VR designer and developer at Nüwa Digital Media Content Production Studios, a Dublin-based digital media agency also partnering the RETOLD project. As well as working in digital design, Cordula has a PhD in art and archaeology, and she is hugely enthusiastic about working to enhance interactions between people and technology in cultural spaces.

The RETOLD project, with EXARC as Lead Partner, will ensure that open-air museums can continue telling important cultural heritage stories to a diverse public by developing a standardised workflow to collect, digitise, and share data on buildings, crafts, and traditions. See for more information.

So, listen in on your favourite podcasting platform to hear our guests talk about everything from the importance of documenting houses and crafts to the impact of COVID on how we use the digital world.