Podcast: A Peek behind the Scenes

To celebrate both the European Archaeology Days and the release of our 20th episode, #FinallyFriday went live to record a special behind-the-scenes chat with our hosts. 

Matilda Siebrecht is currently doing her PhD at the University of Groningen, using microwear analysis to investigate the manufacture and use of Paleo-Inuit bone and ivory tools from Arctic Canada. She pairs her experience in archaeology and journalism with a healthy curiosity into the past, crafts, experiments and much more.

Phoebe Baker is currently completing her masters in Early Prehistory and Human Origins at the University of York, focusing on the use of adhesives in prehistoric clothing. She is a keen archaeologist and works hard to use her enthusiasm and joy for the subject to bring the magic of the past to as many people as possible. 

The EXARC Show podcast series has covered a wide range of different archaeological topics since starting back in 2020, from ancient tattooing to museum interpretation and everything in between. In this episode, Phoebe and Matilda talk about their time hosting the series so far, discussing past episodes and sharing anecdotes from their experience and their own research. Tune in to hear the stories behind the show!