Putting Life into Late Neolithic Houses: Dugout was let to water

After over one year of working on the Neolithic dugout, the team of Putting Life into Late Neolithic Houses was finally ready to test the dugout on the water. On Friday, 16 September 2022 at 10 am, it was time to test the water suitability of the dugout. The team carried it to the nearby canoe club near the Vlaardingencultuurhuis and brought it to the water. Everyone was keen to see how it would float.

The dry summer was difficult for the dugout. The wood cracked in some places and needed to be repaired. To ensure it would float, the dugout was stored in water for a while to seal the repaired cracks again. In the meantime paddles were made to be able to stir the dugout on the water.

The team members and volunteers who had cut, shaped and repaired the dugout were convinced of its water suitability. They were not disappointed. Everyone present had a fun day out and was keen to give it a go. The dugout was "good to keep on course" with the paddles said Ceel van Rhee. All of those who tested the dugout kept dry during their ride. Even when they tried it with more than two people at the same time, there was no issue. Annelou van Gijn is happy with the results and cannot wait to test it in warmer weather again next year.


Photo by Annelou van Gijn