"Putting Life into Late Neolithic Houses" on YouTube now!

The project, coordinated by the Leiden University and EXARC being one of the partners, is looking into the role of material culture as well as the activities the tools and objects were involved in. A combination of experimental archaeology, microwear and residue analysis will be used to expand our knowledge about the Vlaardingen culture.

One of the main parts of the project is the dugout. EXARC member Leo Wolterbeek is using prehistoric tools to split the wood from the log which in return can be used as wedges for splitting again. Leiden University and the partners are also conducting other experiments, for example with cooking pots. Follow the experiments on our YouTube channel and see how a 2500kg log was turned with Neolithic tools!

EXARC helps with the Communication and the Dissemination of this project, making it widely available to broader public. Building engagement is one of our tasks. With the presented playlist we are opening a new channel to disscus the issues. EXARC was responsible for editing and finishing the videos. We have followed several experiments taking place, and hope to post more in the near future.

This project is funded by the Dutch Research Council NWO (AIB.19.020).