Relaunch EXARCs YouTube Channel

We relaunched our EXARC YouTube Channel ( and start with an interview on Serbian Neolithic pottery experiments.

Way up north Serbia there’s a fine fortified site, called Gradište Iđoš (Градиште Иђош). It boasts being occupied for over 5000 years of human habitation. Those 5000 years have taken in the Neolithic period, and the introduction of agriculture and farming, right through to the Late Bronze Age. As the site itself is on a natural crossroads of rivers and landscape, it is possible to see where, and how, cultural changes occurred during those tumultuous times of shifting ideas and technologies. That’s what the Borderlands: ARISE project is all about (, and we were lucky enough to talk to Borderland project members Dr Neda Mirković-Marić, Dr Silvia Amicone and Dr Vanessa Forte, about their reconstruction of pottery to try and answer some very important questions about technology and identities…….and you can watch it all on our YouTube Channel at:

The book, btw, Tracing Pottery-Making Recipes in the Prehistoric Balkans 6th–4th Millennia BC, is edited by Silvia Amicone, Patrick Sean Quinn, Miroslav Marić, Neda Mirković-Marić, and Miljana Radivojević, and is available at Needless to say, it makes the EXARC list of ‘wanna read’ books of 2019!!

Shot and interview by: Dr Rena Maguire
Edited by: Jordana Maguire