RETOLD: Workshop on Short Video Editing for Open-Air Museums

On 15 September 2022, the museum partners of the RETOLD project met online to participate in a workshop on short video marking and editing for social media, focussing on what works best for (open-air) museums.

Reels for Instagram or short videos for YouTube Short are a quick and easy way to catch the viewers' attention and draw them in to take a closer look at the museum's social media profile.

EXARC member Eva Götting was lending her expertise in the five-hour workshop and provided background information on statistics, the various types of videos and a general plan for scheduling videos to be successful.

These short videos are not only a way to present the museum in a certain way, but they can also assist in documenting a specific provess, for example, a craft. And this is where the RETOLD project comes in. The documentation of houses or crafts is an important way to present to the public what is going on in the museum, but it is also a way to preserve a skill or record the maintenance of a house.

One of the important factors is time. Time is usually rare, and Eva showed the partners how to edit a short video - with the help of an app ona phone or tablet - within a few minutes. It is not necessary to spend hours creating a captivating video for a museum audience.

After the theory, the partners went into practice and each created their own little video. In the future, you can see the results on their various social media channels.

More on the RETOLD project and the progress can be found here.