Short Survey on Draft Cattle in Museums

EXARC member Claus Kropp is working on an overview on the topic of draft cattle in (Archaeological) Open-Air Museums and Living History farms worldwide.

He recently gave a lecture about this topic (YouTube: 

Claus Kropp would be happy if you would be willing to answer these questions and send your answers to:

He would also appreciate some pictures and a general info of the Museum/Farm where you are using the draft cattle.

Mr Kropp plans to publish the survey as part of a book and would be happy to send you a copy of it as soon as its finished.

Many thanks in advance, here are the questions:

  1. How many draft cattle do you keep (male,female)
  2. For what purposes do you use your animals (just showing; agriculture; in the forest etc.; community Service, Skill Training)
  3. How do you house the animals (on site in historic context or in modern alternatives)?
  4. What kind of harness do you use and why?
  5. How important are the draft cattle within your overall didactic concept and for the visitor experience?