Sintashta Bow – EXARC Twinning Tour in Russia

Ivan Semyan (RU) and Spyros Bakas (GR), both EXARC Individual Members, are reconstructing the Sintashta Bronze Age bow and arrow and doing shooting trials with these. This is a twinning project, cofounded by EXARC. A tour through Russia took place in October to present the project

On October 5, the presentation took place in Moscow at the State Historical Museum on the Red Square. Ivan and Spyros spoke about the implementation of the project to fellow archaeologists, masters of ancient technologies and guests of the event. The project team showed a photo of the antler parts of an ancient bow, made by Russian master Klim Abramov as well as the process of making the bow body by Greek master Joannis Boukogiannis. The event attracted the attention of many media, bloggers and famous people. Different people came to the event: both famous actors and students. In addition to the presentation of the project, Ivan and Spyros conducted a master class on manufacturing arrows with a stone arrowhead.

On October 9, the project team held a presentation for local archaeologists at the State Historical Museum of the Southern Urals in Chelyabinsk. The presentation was attended by Chelyabinsk archaeologists: the founder of the Ural experimental archaeology Nikolay Vinogradov (doctor of historical sciences, associate professor of SUSPU) and the leading researcher of the Sintashta culture Andrei Epimakhov (doctor of historical sciences, chief research associate of SUSU). Guests of the event listened to the speakers and took part in a master class on creating a stone arrowhead from authentic materials.

Researchers also talked about their project in another large Ural city - Yekaterinburg. During this trip through Russia, Spyros Bakas managed to visit the Archaeos Association's Paleopark, located in the Ural forests on the islands of Lake Sungul. There, Ivan Semyan held a demonstration for his colleague making flint tips for spears and arrows.

Work on the project continues!