Sintashta Bow - Meeting in Megaron

On January 31 2020, our Twinning Members had the pleasure to have another meeting for the #Sintashta Bow Project, between the skilled bowyer Joannis Boukogiannis and archaeologist Spyros Bakas.

The meeting took place in the Joannis's Bow-Workplace in the mountainous village of Megaron, near #Grevena city, in Northwestern #Greece, where along with archaeologist Ivan Semyan from Russia, who joined the conversation through Skype, they had the opportunity to discuss the final details of the first type of the bow. 


The details under scrutiny are the cross section shape, the length and the exact placement of the items: 

  1. S-shaped hooks, for the upper end of the bow limb
  2. Ledge, which served as "arrow rest"
  3. Horn ends of the lower bow limb, and also the organic materials to be used

Unfortunately, the project postponed for a period of time, as the team faced problems with the shipping of materials that were held on the custom offices, and some difficulties with the bow wooden-staves that had to be totally replaced, but now our Sintashta Bow Team is able to proceed in the final steps.

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