Sudden reply from Brussels

In the heat of the Summer, with many people on Holidays, we checked our email on a French camping site and read the message of the EACEA (the agency in Brussels):
“I am writing you to enquire about whether or not you would still be interested in implementing the project you introduced under Strand 1.1 Multiannual cooperation projects of the Culture Programme. Following the liberation of additional funds for Strand 1.1 it would be possible to finance projects from the reserve list, i.e. your project. Therefore we contact you in order to check whether you would still be interested in and are able to implement the project. Could you please get back to me as soon as possible with a response and not later than Friday 27/08/2010? Should we not receive any answer from your part by Friday, we will consider your answer as negative.”

This meant, our original application was accepted anyway because there was some unused money.