A Sustainable Revolution for Open-Air Museums

One of our goals this year - and for many years to come - is focussing on the Sustainable Development Goals and we wanted to highlight this with this year's conference "A Sustainable Revolution for Open-Air Museums".

After months of planning, the conference went live yesterday, 22 August 2022, with thirteen pre-recorded presentations from our speakers and six hotspot presentations from our lovely sponsors. We had over fifty online registrations but almost one thousand views during the hours the conference was live. The range of presentations showed that sustainability is part of so many different projects around the globe. From collecting and growing seeds to preserve a specific plant, over digitalisation of historic farming techniques to engaging the public with stories about climate change. The presentations showed that every little thing helps to make a change. There is not one thing that fits all, but the deeper you look, the more aspects can be improved to make everyday life more sustainable.

Thank you to everyone who participated to make this conference a greaet success. Your passion and engagement for the cause will help us to become forerunners for other organisations and open-air museums to join them on their way to achieve their sustainability goals. It was inspiring to watch and hopefully our viewers felt inspired too.

Thank you also to our amazing volunteers who assisted behind the scenes to have everything ready on time.

For those who have missed the live stream, there's a playlist of all the contributions on the EXARC YouTube channel. Subscribe to not miss a presentation in the future.