Visiting “the Stones”

Mid-February, EXARC Board Member Prof Hurcombe and EXARC Director Paardekooper visited the Hunebedcentrum in Borger (NL). This museum had been a member of OpenArch, just like EXARC and the University of Exeter themselves. Therefore, it was good to catch up.

The management of the museum in Borger had changed recently: Harrie Wolters took over from Hein Klompmaker. Wolters had already been deputy for many years.

Also, the indoor exhibition had been completely redone. The old one was maybe still sufficient, but the new one was breath taking: it has become a life-size diorama. Not anymore is the outdoor open-air area an extension of the indoor classic exhibition – it is now the other way around. Of course there are plenty of modern gimmicks and games in the exhibition, fit for younger generations. Even though the new exhibition is only around for one month, it is already clear that visitors spend more time in it.