We have new Editors for the EXARC Journal

Update: within five days we got 11 responses, and are looking through them right now. Thank you for your support!


The EXARC Journal is possible only thanks to our great crew of volunteer editors. As the Journal has established itself we have been receiving more articles. This makes us happy but it also increases the strain for those working on the Journal.

We were therefore looking for more editors but the positions are currently filled. Concretely we were looking for a Mixed Matters editor. We also needed two to three people do the initial edit of reviewed articles and another one or two to help with bibliography check.

The Mixed Matters editors and those doing the initial edit need to be native English speakers. Mixed Matter articles trickle in throughout the year and we process them as they arrive. Editors are responsible for both language and style editing to prepare articles for publishing.

Reviewed articles are collected four times a year and we work on them in batches. Ideally we would like to have two to three articles per editor.