Young EXARC Gathers - and You?

Want to be part of a new community, open to early career professionals and younger generations? Are you interested in museum practice, experimental archaeology, traditional technology or/and interpretation? Looking to meet and exchange ideas with peers, share your work and interests, and discover new things? Then EZARC is what you're looking for!

Join us in our first event on the 18th September, 19:00h Amsterdam time. Make sure to save the date!

Come see what's brewing in EZARC. Meet us on Discord for an interesting presentation that covers from constructing prehistoric huts to organising student workgroups, by WEAG (Workgroup Experimental Archaeology Groningen). Following the presentation, the virtual pub will be open to discuss this new community where you have a chance to steer where we are going! We need your ideas, suggestions and enthusiasm to grow. EZARC is made for you by you!

Follow this link to enter the server: Once you click, you are prompted to present yourself in 1, 2 sentences and then one of us will let you in.

WEAG writes: In this talk, we will try to address two different themes: house reconstructions in the Mesolithic and the coming about of a (relatively) large, self-organised student working group. We will argue that the development of a large collaborative of students can only develop itself through a sincere interest and dedication to a concrete project idea and execution. In the talk we will take you through the different stages of our project: from the first build in 2017 to the recent reconstruction of our ‘Kampen model’ in August 2020. We will discuss the development of our hypotheses based on archaeological, archaeobotanical and ethnographic data and simultaneously explain how at the same time we got to involve more parties and further solidify our working group in the process. We hope our talk will not only grant an insight into house reconstructions and live in the Mesolithic but also show other young archaeologists the power and fulfillment of collaboration with a broad spectrum of parties.