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The Experimenter's Body: Movement as an Artifact

Thaisa Martins 1
Publication Date
This paper  summarises a part of the discussions carried out in the author's MA in Archaeology at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro - Brazil. Starting from the question “when the only thing we have is the archaeologist’s body, how can we do archaeology?” We propose to engage with methodologies and theories from the field of Dance to analyse the experimenter’s body in experimental archaeology research...

Let the Chips Fall Where They May: Evaluating the Impact and Effectiveness of Video Resources for Knowledge Transfer in Flint Knapping

John Kiernan 1
Publication Date
Knowledge and know-how: The ‘how’ of knowledge transferal continues to be a question in prehistoric archaeology, especially in relation to early hominid development. Has the transferal process been greatly affected by our so-called modern world and its technological advantages? Have the current modes of communication enhanced and eased the transfer of knowledge? As visualization is a key element...

Blending the Material and the Digital: A Project at the Intersection of Museum Interpretation, Academic Research, and Experimental Archaeology

Caroline Jeffra 1,
Jill Hilditch 1 ✉,
Jitte Waagen 2,
Tijm Lanjouw 2,
Markus Stoffer 2,
Laurien de Gelder 3,
Myung Ju Kim 1
Publication Date
The power of digital technologies to communicate archaeological information in a museum context has recently been critically evaluated (Paardekooper, 2019). A recent collaboration between members of the Tracing the Potter’s Wheel project, the 4D Research Lab, and the Allard Pierson Museum and Knowledge Institute illustrates the way that such...