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Sally Herriett PhD

Member of EXARC since
United Kingdom

I first ventured into the history and heritage industry with my husband in 1988, presenting living history for heritage and education. As part of this, we presented both the social and military aspects of the past. I made historical clothing and artefacts, and we collected and studied historical weaponry including black-powder firearms and cannons.
This passion developed, and I completed a BSc (Hons) in Archaeology, an MA in Experimental Archaeology, and a PhD from the University of Bristol. Where my research was on The processing and use of hides and skins in late Prehistoric Europe.
As an experimental archaeologist, my interests have considerably expanded, and I practice a variety of primitive technology and traditional craft skills, continue to reproduce artefacts and make historical clothing, and still have a passion for black powder technology.
I have been lecturing for 12 years on the BSc (Hons) and FdSc Archaeology Degrees, in Truro, Cornwall with the University of Plymouth. I continue to present experimental archaeology, history, and heritage in a range of situations, from primary to university education, for community or heritage interests at a local or national level, all with the perspective of widening academic research.