African Conference on Experimental Archaeology

On March 20, the first ever African Conference on Experimental Archaeology started in Johannesburg #ACE2018. EXARC is very proud to be a co-organiser in this meeting with presentations from all around the African continent. Participants even flew in from Asia, Europe and North America, making Johannesburg the place to be. 

Presentations include a Zimbabwe furnace reconstruction for glass bead manufacture, heat-affected quartzite from the Eastern Cape, South Africa and the influence of temper on the chemical composition of pottery: An empirical study using XRF. 


2018 March - African Conference on Experimental Archaeology (ACE), Johannesburg, South Africa

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Co-organised by: University of the Witwatersrand (ZA)

This first African Conference on Experimental Archaeology was organised by a local organising committee at the University of the Witwatersrand and the international organisation of Archaeological Open-Air Museums and Experimental Archaeology (EXARC). The aims of the conference were to showcase experiments and closely related activities in African contexts and to provide a networking opportunity for researchers to take African archaeology to new places within and outside Africa... Read more


Conference Review: 1st African Conference on Experimental Archaeology (ACE), 2018

Scholars from as far afield as the USA, France and India participated in the conference and the numerous workshops that were held. The ACE conference represents the first gathering of experimental archaeologists on the African continent and was a fitting recognition of the contribution made by African scholars to answering pertinent questions about our past through the application of experimental research designs... Read more