EXARC and the SDGs

UN Sustainable Development Goals Poster

This year, EXARC wants to focus more on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We have a conference planned, A Sustainable Revolution for Open-Air Museums, in the shadow of the upcoming ICOM Prague conference in August this year to look into the SDGs and museums. We attend meetings to broaden our horizon and we see what our members implement in their organisations, but we would like to do more.

It is "easy" to have ideas and tell people who to be more sustainable in their organisation, but it is essential that we live what we propose. We want to be forerunners for other organisations and (open-air) museums as well as join them on their way to achieve their goals.

Being sustainable is more than just looking at climate change. It is shrinking the gender gap and unequal pay; it is fighting for better education and campaigning for inclusiveness for disabled people. Sometimes the whole situation becomes overwhelming when looking at the bigger picture and how much still needs to be done, but we need to start small to be able to make those big changes.

But what does that mean for EXARC?

One of those "small" things is making our social media posts and website more accessible for people with visual impairments. This can be done by adding 'alt text' to images on social media like Facebook and Instagram. It helps to understand what is on the picture because it can be read our loud by a text decoder.

In this way, we provide context to a post that otherwise would not be understandable. This will be a gradual change and takes some adjustment, but it is one of the small changes that can have a big impact.