Our new EXARC Journal Digest arrived from the Printer's

One would think that replacing the usual Spring and Autumn EXARC Journal Digests with only one issue would be a way of saving money, and effectively publishing less. Nope. This year we managed to collect a wider choice of articles, 32 in total, through 116 pages. Our regular issues were just 36 pages, so this is a new idea for us. Articles are a bit longer than usual, but still, the full versions can be found online at

We are happy to include several articles from the #EAC12 Trento Conference, as well as other conferences. With changing the format, we also used the time to redesign the look. We hope our EXARC members will like it and thank the many volunteers who helped us getting this far. 

This edition of the EXARC Journal is dedicated to Professor John Morton Coles.