EXARC visits Barcelona

As part of the EU project CRAFTER, EXARC set out on an expedition to the EAA in Barcelona, September 2018. We first visited two museums in this area, member of EXARC: the Iberian Citadel in Calafell near Tarragona and the Park and Museum L’Esquerda near Vic. At L’esquerda we gave a public lecture on experimental archaeology: what is it, who does it and where.
Over 1,500 archaeologists from all over Europe took part in the program of the EAA conference. With numerous people, we discussed the current state of experimental archaeology, the latest developments with the CRAFTER project and how EXARC can support these activities. Besides a dinner with 20 EXARC members and friends, we also coordinated a session on the relevance of experimental archaeology to modern society, of which the CRAFTER project is a good example.


September 2018 - EAA Session: What we are learning from Experimental Archaeology, Barcelona, Spain

Co-organised by: University of Liverpool, Department of Archaeology, Classics and Egyptology (UK)

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