EXARC Volunteer Day at Archeon

EXARC has over 75 volunteers worldwide. A good part of these live in the Netherlands, where we have our office. Our team works on the EXARC Journal, our website, social media, conferences - almost all the work EXARC does is in the hands of volunteers.

When we got the chance to organise a volunteer day for our Dutch volunteers, we of course did not say no! We could only achieve this with some help (see below). A location was found in Archeon where those volunteers of us who are no EXARC members learned what an archaeological open-air museum is about.

Other themes we covered in workshops were: Sustainable Development Goals & Museums, Communication, Interpretation, Indigenous Collaboration and Social Media Outreach. We also asked our volunteers to define what they think EXARC should be about, what we can do for our target groups and what are our SWOT points. It was a full training program, and most importantly: our volunteers were happy to participate, and also finally meet many others. 

This event is supported by The Cultural Participation Fund. The Cultural Participation Fund aims to encourage and increase participation in the arts and culture.

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