LAPEEX - New Laboratory for Experimental Archaeology in Brazil

The Laboratory for Evolutionary and Experimental Archaeology and Prehistory (LAPEEX - Laboratório de Arqueologia e Pré-História Evolutiva e Experimental), headed by EXARC Member Prof. Dr. João Carlos Moreno de Sousa, is the newest laboratory for experimental archaeology in Brazil. LAPEEX integrates the Institute of Humanities and Information at the Federal University of Rio Grande,  located in Rio Grande city, Rio Grande do Sul state, Brazil.

Beyond experimental archaeology, LAPEEX is also currently developing the lines of research of lithic technology, bone tool technology, zooarchaeology, evolutionary archaeology, digital archaeology and early occupation of the Americas. Current studies including the application of experimental archaeology are mostly focused on hunter-gatherers from the countryside of meridional Brazil, the earth-mounds and shell-mounds in the Southern coast of Rio Grande do Sul state, and cultural transmission between early Homo.

Current associate researchers include Prof. Dr. Alex Martire, who coordinates the studies regarding digital archaeology; EXARC Member Msc. Gabriela Mingatos, who coordinates studies regarding bone tools, diet research and rock art; Msc. Vanderlise Barão, who coordinates studies regarding shell-mounds and extensions projects. Prof. Dr. João Carlos Moreno de Sousa is the head of LAPEEX and coordinates studies on lithic industries, human evolution, hunter-gatherers and science communication.

Regarding experimental archaeology, LAPEEX is already developing research, teaching and extension projects, and it will, from time to time, promote events, including experimental workshops and public demonstrations.