Nålbinding Social Memory Heritage Project

Call for Participation by Emma ‘Bruni' Boast MA, Nidavellnir

Nålbinding – single needle knitting is a heritage craft that is starting to generate allot of interest within the UK. It was listed as an endangered Heritage craft in the UK in March 2019 by the Heritage Craft Association and more people are starting to think about the story of it as a craft. 
This oral and social history project relating to Nålbinding is all about finding out to what extent nålbinding has stayed a conscious memory and a family tradition; and in what parts of the UK this is more prevalent. This will enlighten us about the craft itself, but also the stories of people experiencing the craft back into the recent past. 

Even as a child these memories can be profound and provide a very real link to the narrative of this craft. Whether you are a fibre worker, knitter or crafter in crochet, come from a fibre past or just have a story to tell Nidavellnir would love to hear from you! 

The fascinating aspect regarding this craft is that as the profile of it is raised; people are coming forward stating they can remember within their family, individuals sitting crafting in this manner with one single needle, making hats, socks and gloves. 

If you think you have a Nålbinding story to tell, Nidavellnir would love to hear from you as part of this investigation into the social memory of this craft.

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