Summa Summarum in Negotin (RS)

From May 30 to June 1, the 42nd conference of the Serbian Archeological Society was held in Negotin (Serbia). The session "summa summarum - experimental archaeology in the Balkans" was co-organsied with EXARC. About 130 experts from Germany, USA, Poland, Greece, Latvia, Romania, Bulgaria, Bosnia, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Russia and other countries took part in the event, of these several EXARC members presented their research: Vesna Vučković (RS), Milica Tapavički-Ilić (RS), Arturs Tomsons (LV), Ivan Semyan (RU), Spyros Bakas (GR), Rene Masaryk (SI), Andreja Kudelić (HR), Tena Karavidović (HR) & Ina Miloglav (HR).

Special mention is for the presentation by Ivan Semyan (RU) & Spyros Bakas (GR) on their EXARC twinning project on the reconstruction of the bow of the Sintashta culture.

The experimental archaeology conference was very succesful, not only because of its 14 papers and 12 posters, but especially for the huge attention from the public. This session deserves a follow-up.


2019 May - Session Experimental Archaeology in the Balkans: Summa Summarum

Date: Friday, May 31, 2019
Organised by: EXARC & Serbian Archaeological Society (RS)

Until recently, in the Balkans, experimental archaeology was not considered as something that could contribute to science. For decades, this useful and fruitful branch of archaeology represents a genuine scientific discipline in a number of western and central European countries, as well as in Russia... Read more