The 11th EAC Conference, this time in Italy

EXARC, together with University Trento, organized a large conference on experimental archaeology in Italy, May 2019. This was already the 11th conference in these series. It was attended by 191 people from 28 countries and included topics like stone working, ship building, metal working and experimental archaeological methods & techniques. We had 65 students, that is 34% of all participants. 77 EXARC Members joined us (versus 114 non members), several people became members during the conference. In total EXARC got over 20 new members due to this conference. We welcome them all!

Excursions led among others to the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology in Bolzano and the Museo delle Palafitte in Fiavè. We had 78 presentations, of which two keynotes, one from Spain and one from the United States. Although a bit cold for the time of year, the participants had a great time and many were inspired by the presentations and contacts. 

The next conference of this kind - EAC12 - will take place in 2021 in Exeter (UK), but meanwhile, EXARC supports several other conferences and will also organise conferences on our own. 


2019 May - 11th Experimental Archaeology Conference EAC11, Trento, Italy

Date: Thursday, May 2, 2019 - Saturday, May 4, 2019
Organised by: EXARC & the University of Trento (IT)

The International Experimental Archaeology Conference encourages the exchange and sharing of new work in experimental archaeology. The #EAC11 aims to join scholars from around the globe in order to promote discussions, to improve knowledge, and to increase awareness to the different trends developed by the research world... Read more


Conference Review: 11th Experimental Archaeology Conference - EAC11, Trento 2019

| Caroline Jeffra (NL) and Gilian Garvey (AU) | Issue 2019/3

The 11th Experimental Archaeology Conference was this year held in Trento, Italy, organized by EXARC and the University of Trento. Over 190 participants gathered together hailing from more than 25 countries, and for the first time the conference ran parallel sessions. The conference spanned three days, with the first two devoted to keynotes, papers, and posters. The final day was reserved for excursions... Read more