EAD 2022 met Podcast

Promotion image for the EAD 2022 event with Phoebe and Matilda

Last Sunday, 19 June 2022, our podcast MCs Matilda Siebrecht and Phoebe Baker went live on Facebook and Instagram to celebrate both the European Archaeology Days (EAD) 2022 and the release of our 20th #FinallyFriday episode.

This online live event was part of the European Archaeology Days 2022 that took place that weekend. EXARC encourages its members to participate because it helps them to reach a larger audience but this year, wanted to join in on the fun as well. The EAD are a long weekend dedicated to archaeology in all its forms. They aim to share archaeological heritage throughout Europe and make culture accessible to all by looking for a common ground, for cohesion and reciprocity, while all members preserve their cultural identity and diversity. The live stream offered the chance to be part of the europeanwide event and at the same time, talk about twenty episode of the EXARC podcast.

The podcast series has covered a wide range of different archaeological topics since starting in 2020 as a reaction to the pandemic, from the latest episode on ancient tattooing with one of the guests being Experimental Archaeology Award winner 2021 Aaron Deter-Wolf via sounds of the past to museum interpretation. Even in this live stream we brought together two specialists - our valued hosts - to talk about their overlapping interests in archaeology and the podcast. 

Matilda and Phoebe discussed where the podcast got its name from and mentioned how it was to record the first episode of #finallyfriday on bread with EXARC members Maeve L'Estrange and Farrell Monaco. And how experimental archaeology links everything together and how it influences their own work and studies.

This online event on Facebook and Instagram was a first for EXARC and the Podcast team but despite the initial technical difficulties and a smaller audience than hoped for, Phoebe and Matilda put on a great show, as usual!

And for those who missed it: the live event was recorded and will be released in July as part of the podcast series.