EXARC is podcasting now!

EXARC launched its very own podcast channel, the EXARC Show, on May 29, 2020.

It brings to you the world of archaeological open-air museums, experimental archaeology, ancient technology, and interpretation as a podcast. In each show, we’ll introduce you to the work of specialists in a friendly and approachable format.

Our episodes feature content from many of EXARC’s endeavours, including our monthly #FinallyFriday events...

Health & Safety in Experimental Archaeology

When carrying out archaeological experiments, creating archaeological replicas, demonstrating old processes or machines, one is often in the awkward position of exposing those involved to possible dangers that would not be acceptable on modern machines or modern processes. There is a clear tension between authenticity and safety. 

The Big Question is: how are these risks dealt with, what procedures, systems, processes are in place? ...

EXARC Journal 2020-2

EXARC and its authors have not been standing still. Our second Journal of 2020 was just published and contains nine reviewed and nine non-reviewed articles. Articles from our EAC11 Conference in Trento include discussions about fragrances, Viking ships, and trampling experiments while the other reviewed articles cover flax working, spear throwers, iron smelting and Roman food...