EXARC on Visitors Numbers 2018

Remembering the Summer of 2018, many museums worried that the visitor numbers would suffer from the heat. A first impression in July last year showed that most museums between the Alps and Oslo experienced a decline of 10% or more. However, with the official visitor numbers of almost 100 museums reported to EXARC, we see that the so-called shoulder season, before and after the high season, made up a lot of the damage.

On another note, the Dutch National Institute of Statistics recently reported that prices in museums, zoos et cetera in the Netherlands went up by 17% since Summer 2014 while the total inflation in the same period was 7%...

EXARC Journal 2019-3 online

We managed to publish the third EXARC Journal of this year by the end of Summer. It counts seven reviewed articles, some of which were presented at the EXARC Conference on archaeological open-air museums in Kernave (LT) in 2018, about Düppel in Berlin (DE) and Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia (US). Further, authors discuss lithic technology from Brasil, the analysis of metal points, rondelles, throwing sticks, and a late Bronze Age horse bridle.

Then we also have 8 unreviewed short articles, mainly reviews of events and conferences (South Korea, Italy, Germany, Poland & Serbia), a book review and short articles on How to Communicate an Event to the Media and Shooting Experiments with Early Medieval Arrowheads. 

Have fun reading!

Improvements to the Journal

Aiming to improve the EXARC Journal, we have now included so-called persistent identifiers to each of the over 400 articles we published online. We used Archival Resource Keys (ARK’s). This is part of our efforts to get the EXARC Journal listed in the official Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ). With the persistent identifiers, our articles will be easier to find and referred to. This is needed because the EXARC Journal attracts much more readers and authors than before. We expect to publish over 70 articles this year, all open access...