EXARC Journal 2020/03 published

The 3rd EXARC Journal of 2020 contains 19 articles.

Four of them relate to the Experimental Archaeology Conference #EAC11 in Trento. Other papers are from as far away as Brazil, Iran and Israel. Interpretation and experimental archaeology is relevant. Authors cut trees, make clay figurines and work with textiles in the classroom. Questions answered are: is this really a useful Stone Age flute? What can we learn from a medieval household manual by following its recipes hands-on? Our articles also show that museums are involved in research a lot...

Young EXARC Gathers - and You?

Want to be part of a new community, open to early career professionals and younger generations? Are you interested in museum practice, experimental archaeology, traditional technology or/and interpretation? Looking to meet and exchange ideas with peers, share your work and interests, and discover new things? Then EZARC is what you're looking for!

Join us in our first event on the 18th September, 19:00h Amsterdam time. Make sure to save the date!

#FinallyFriday: Open to Interpretation

Interpretation is a fundamental part of how we communicate heritage to the public, but what does the term ‘interpretation’ actually mean? Peter Inker and Angela Pfenninger join us in our next #FinallyFriday Show to explore the world of interpretation.

Dr Peter Inker is a Board Member of EXARC and has been at Colonial Williamsburg for the last 13 years, focusing much of his attention on virtual and digital heritage space. Angela Pfenninger is a live interpreter who has specialized in theatre and storytelling, and has been the chairperson of the International Museum Theatre Alliance for the last three years...