Podcast: Seeking Sustainability in South Africa

Meet EXARC member Tammy Hodgskiss from the Origins Centre, Witwatersrand, South Africa. She is in a country with great inequalities and a turbulent history. Tammy gives us valuable insights into the ways that sustainability is viewed and addressed here. Hodgkiss is keen to have the conversation going, with her colleagues and with the public. In her museum, she changes the existing museum displays to get a new context. Suddenly they are relevant again. The Origins Centre is very much a bridge between academia and public. It is quite a challenge to see if the public feels represented. Sustainability here is very much a bottom-up approach, but the larger companies are literally big players as well.

Project meeting in the Dutch Biesbosch

Craft and subsistence in the Late Stone Age is the theme of a four-year project under coordination of Leiden University.

EXARC is among one of the ten other partners. In September, we had the chance to finally meet each other in person, and for this purpose we went to Biesbosch National Park. This is one of the only freshwater tidal wetlands in Northwestern Europe. 

Nour joined the EXARC team

Nour from Syria is EXARCs new bookkeeper, and we are very happy to have her! She is currently in the EXARC office receiving training which is quite a challenge with such a diverse and international membership. 

Nour joined the EXARC team in the right moment. With some of the current staff stepping back because of other obligations, we needed to place some responsibilities in able hands. Nour has experience with bookkeeping and administration from her time in Syria and will be a welcome face in our Leiden office. She will work side by side with EXARCs new office manager, Stefanie Ulrich. Our international membership is best served with a very international EXARC Team!