Help the Middelaldercentret!

The Middelaldercentret in Denmark is known for its trebuchets, a type of medieval casting machine. Sadly in 2021 the small one died, after 30 years of use, and the big one is also an elderly lady who will not last much longer. Our colleagues in Denmark contacted us: we are going to build a new trebuchet in 2023, and you are invited to help spreading the word.

Building a trebuchet is not easy and it is expensive. We will do it the medieval way, and involve the local community, the local schools and teach people about medieval crafts. But we also want to involve a much wider community: our fellow nerds, re-enactors, history lovers and craftspeople around the world!

EXARC Journal Digest 2022 published and almost on the way

The 2022 EXARC Journal Digest is ready. It brings 17 reviewed and 15 mixed matters abridged articles from the EXARC Journal’s issues of 2021/4 to 2022/3. Unfortunately, the Digest can be only a taster of what is on offer in our online EXARC Journal. We had to choose from nearly 60 articles from all over the world and with wide ranging topics. In the Digest you will find articles on topics such as experimental house reconstructions from Japan, mail horse-armour from UK, possible beginnings of copper smelting from Norway, lime mortar additives from Greece, approaching body movements as an artefact from Brazil and many others.

17 x 17 ICOM Austria

ICOM Austria has recently launched the 17 x 17 project to support concrete actions and share the contribution of museums across the country to the Sustainable Development Goals. The goals were created as a roadmap to the United Nations' Agenda 2030, which envisions a more just and fulfilling life for all through sustainable economic, social and environmental transformations. Museums, as mediums between past, present, people and nature, have the sociopolitical role and responsibility to project this all-encompassing vision of the future. By learning from the past, we can "shape the present so as to ensure a viable world for all humankind in the future."