RETOLD is never boring!

We are running high speed now, as we only have four months to go until the big conference. Sometimes you wish there were more hours in the day... We just returned from another visit to Museum Village Dueppel in Berlin (14-16 May, 2024). Our goal was to test the Retold app "in the wild", or as this exercise is called, do a User Acceptance Test. Several scenarios were staged, for example: "you want to open the app and document a craft activity".

Communication and Education Working Group Launched

Thank you so much to everyone who was able to make the launch event of the Communication and Education Working Group, which took place this past Sunday on the EXARC Discord server. 

It was great to chat and range over several topics, and participants were very excited to see how this grows and develops. Many links were shared in the Discord chat, and a great suggestion of creating accessible resources (and a further reading list) about prehistory - especially for audiences such as teachers who face a daunting amount of self-led research on top of everything else they do.