ICOM Award applications open

As an ICOM affiliated organisation, we want to let our members know that the call for applications is now open for the ICOM Award.

The ICOM Award is the first global award organised by ICOM that specifically acknowledges and honors sustainable development practices within the museum community. We believe in the power of museums to drive positive change and contribute meaningfully to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Podcast: Know your Needles

In this month's episode of Finally Friday, Matilda chats with two specialists in nalbinding to find out all the details of the development, origins, and variety of this unique craft.

Niina-Hannele Nuutinen (Nele) is the co-ordinator of the EXARC textiles working group and a masters student in Crafting Science at the University of Eastern Finland, where she looks at identifying structure vs technique in different kinds of non-woven textiles.