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Virtual Reality – 1 Project - 13 Museums

Ulrike Braun
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Visitors in 13 museums in the rural area around the city of Lüneburg (Lower Saxonia, Germany) can now discover different aspects of the interrelationship between man and nature within a virtual world. Six themes or titles guide through to whole story, like nature means threat, or nature means work or beauty, etc. symbolised by a silhouette.

Conference Review: The Historical Metallurgy Society’s Second Accidental and Experimental Conference, June 2022

Giovanna Fregni
Publication Date

The Second Accidental and Experimental Conference was held on 10-12 June 2022 after multiple delays due to the pandemic. This year it was held at the Ancient Technology Centre in Cranbourne, East Dorset, England. The event was organised by Vanessa Castagnino on behalf of the Historical Metallurgy Society (https://historicalmetallurgy.org/).

Book Review: MI-60. Studies in Experimental Archaeometallurgy: Methodological Approaches from Non-Ferrous Metallurgies by Georges Verly et al (eds)

Terry Runner
Publication Date
Issue 60 of Monographies Instrumentum, titled Studies in Experimental Archaeometallurgy, methodological Approaches from Non-ferrous Metallurgies, exhibits 10 papers presented at the first International Conference on Non-Ferrous Metal Metallurgy and Experimental Archaeology – Metallurgie des non-ferreux et archeologie experimentale ICA I. The conference was held at the Museum of Art and History...

Scored Basins from Late Minoan Crete: an Experimental Interpretation from Construction to Functionality

Brianna Jenkins
Publication Date
During the Bronze Age in Crete, agriculture, pottery production, metallurgy, textiles, architectural feats, trade, and other specializations flourished. Throughout habitation on Crete, pottery production was an area of craftsmanship and practicality from the end of the Neolithic to Mycenean and Iron Age. This experiment, however, relates to the Late Minoan I period in the geographical region of Mochlos...

Experimental Archaeology of Iron Age Firing Structures from the Western Mediterranean

Maria-Carme Belarte
María Pastor Quiles
Marta Portillo
Carme Saorin
Marta Mateu Sagués
Alessandra Pecci
Sílvia Vila
Josep Pou
Georgina Castells
Jordi Morer
Joaquín Fernández
Publication Date
The main objective of the research is to deepen our knowledge of how Iron Age combustion structures worked and were used by protohistoric communities living in the western Mediterranean...

(Re)constructing an Early Medieval Irish Ard

Brendan O`Neill
Claus Kropp
Frank Trommer
Vanessa Töngi
Publication Date
This article outlines the results of an EXARC funded 2019 Twinning project exploring the production and use of an Irish early medieval ard. In this, the project partners researched the evidence for early ploughs and ards, made bloomery iron, produced an ard share, and worked wood to form the frame of the ard. This paper also includes...