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Experimental Archaeology of Iron Age Firing Structures from the Western Mediterranean

Maria-Carme Belarte
María Pastor Quiles
Marta Portillo
Carme Saorin
Marta Mateu Sagués
Alessandra Pecci
Sílvia Vila
Josep Pou
Georgina Castells
Jordi Morer
Joaquín Fernández
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The main objective of the research is to deepen our knowledge of how Iron Age combustion structures worked and were used by protohistoric communities living in the western Mediterranean...

(Re)constructing an Early Medieval Irish Ard

Brendan O`Neill
Claus Kropp
Frank Trommer
Vanessa Töngi
Publication Date
This article outlines the results of an EXARC funded 2019 Twinning project exploring the production and use of an Irish early medieval ard. In this, the project partners researched the evidence for early ploughs and ards, made bloomery iron, produced an ard share, and worked wood to form the frame of the ard. This paper also includes...

An Experimental Approach to Assessing the Tempering and Firing of Local Pottery Production in Nubia during the New Kingdom Period

Julia Budka
Giulia D’Ercole
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Recently, the development of an independent strand of study, known as the ‘archaeology of dung, has resulted in numerous cross-geographical publications confirming the use of animal dung in archaeological deposits as the main fuel source and several other purposes. Most of these studies focus on the analysis of the microscopic evidence attributable to dung, combining multi-proxy approaches to ...

Conference Review: Experimental archaeology: how does it work? by EAS, 28-28 April, 2022 in Solothurn (CH)

Alex R. Furger
Claus Detrekoy
Publication Date
With public involvement and accompanied by great media interest, the first Swiss National Congress on Experimental Archaeology took place in Solothurn. For two days, more than 120 participants took part in professional exchange and the interdisciplinary assessment of the state of the art. The general consensus was recognition that experimental archaeology is an important sub-discipline of archaeology and ...

Book Review: Visitor Experiences and Audiences for the Roman Frontiers by Nigel Mills (ed)

Jan Hochbruck
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“Visitor Experiences and Audiences for the Roman Frontiers”, BAR Publishing - BAR International Series contains 14 papers presented originally at the Limes Congress in Serbia in 2018. The Limes made the headlines on a variety of occasions in recent years, being the most ambitious UNESCO World Heritage project in Europe. Not all of these headlines were positive...

Conference Review: ”Green Museum Summit“ organised by MuseumNext

Julia Heeb
Publication Date
An Inspiring Conference on how Museums can get the Ball Roling to Save the Earth. ​​​​​​​A virtual format was a fitting setting for an international conference including the adjective “green” in the title as no flights were necessary to get together for the three days from the 28th to the 30th of March 2022...