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Book Review: Archaeology as festival: virtual wanderings through festivalCHAT during Covid-19 by Kiddey and Caraher (eds)

Steve Burrow 1
Archaeology as Festival reports on the 2020 annual conference of the Contemporary and Historical Archaeology Theory group. It contains fifteen contributions and includes papers reporting on public stairways in Pittsburgh, toilet graffiti in Lisbon, and a kitchen wall in the Netherlands...

Event Review: The Norwegian Forum for Experimental Archaeology 2023

Fredrik Bjønnes 1
The Norwegian forum for experimental archaeology (NFEA) 2023 was held on the 15th and 16th of September at Tingvatn Fornminnepark in Agder, Norway. Tingvatn, a part of the Vestagder museum, is well known in Norway as a museum where the main focus lies on experimental archeology and historical crafts. The director of Tingvatn fornminnepark, Katja Regevik, organized the seminar...

Book Review: Experimentelle Archäologie – vergessenen Technologien auf der Spur

Wulf Hein 1
In 1998, the association Experimental Archaeology Switzerland (EAS/AES) was founded in Switzerland. The AES emerged from its predecessor AEAS, which was launched in Zürich in 1993. The declared aim was and is the promotion of experimental archaeology in the Alpine Republic...

RETOLD: Review of the Meeting at the Stone Age Park Dithmarschen, Albersdorf, September 2023

Rüdiger Kelm 1
At the end of September 2023 the third face-to-face meeting of the partners from the RETOLD-project took place in Albersdorf in Northern Germany, hosted by the Stone Age Park Dithmarschen (Steinzeitpark Dithmarschen). The meeting took place in the recently opened new museum “Stone Age House” and in the open-air area of the Museum...

Book Review: Faserwerkstatt by Doris Fischer

Christina Spaulding 1
As the title implies, Faser Werkstatt: Traditionelle Textiltechnik mit natürlichen Materialien is a direct and practical book on the historical creation and use of fibers. It is aimed at a casual reader with little to no knowledge or experience with the fiber arts, with detailed instructions on creating and using threads and ropes made from natural fibers...

Experimental Archaeological Factors of Primary Education in China

Bangcheng Tang 1 ✉,
Hongjie Wang 2
Asarchaeology in China has developed, experimental archaeology, as a research method of archaeology, has attracted more and more attention from Chinese archaeologists. The strength of a discipline's development is reflected not only in academic contributions but also in how it enhances the lives of the public...